Empowerment Triangle Bracelet (more colors)-Comes with Greeting Card


Our popular empowerment triangle bracelet can be worn all the time!  Style it alone or stacked with your own favorite pieces.  When you are challenging yourself or feel vulnerable reach for your wrist and remember you’ve got this!

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The Power Symbols

CIRCLE: Symbolizes your mind where your power lives.
TRIANGLE: The most powerful shape. Represents a mountain, one step at a time you can climb anything!


Additional information

Cord Color

Red, Copper, Pink

Choice of Greeting Card

As Tough As She Needs To Be (Breast Cancer Ribbon), As Tough As She Needs To Be (Copper), As Tough As She Needs To Be (Ovarian Cancer Ribbon), Currently Unavailable for Stuff, F Cancer (Breast Cancer Ribbon), How Far She Came, I Get Tougher, Kicking Ass, Taking Numbers, Life's a Bitch, But So Are You, Make it Happen, Shock 'Em All, My Favorite Bitch, This is Why You're My Best Friend, Tough Bitch Mode, What Doesn't Kill You Makes You…


Stainless Steel, Gold Finished Stainless Steel


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