Bitch Squad Pack (Set of 5)


This special pack comes with 5 bracelets or necklaces of your choice and 5 cards. All bracelets or necklaces will be the same style.
Included Greeting Cards:

  • The Party Bitch
  • The Sweet Bitch
  • The Head Bitch in Charge
  • The Undercover Bitch
  • The Mama Bitch
  • Bitch Squad Cover Card

Greeting card with design on the outside and blank on the inside. Add any jewelry item of your choice and we will package it our special gift box and ship it to your doorstep.

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Necklace: Stainless steel and waterproof

Bracelet: Stainless steel and waterproof, with adjustable band

Packaged in OTB gift box, with your selected OTB card

Additional information

1. Choose your jewelry style:

One Tough Bitch Bracelet, One Tough Bitch Necklace

2. Choose your finish:

Gold-Tone Stainless Steel, Silver-Tone Stainless Steel

3. Select your bracelet cord color or your necklace style:

Denim, Red, Black, Copper, Pink, Necklace: Gold-Tone Lightning Bolt, Necklace: Silver-Tone Lightning Bolt, Necklace: Silver-Tone OTB Pendant with Charm


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