After her breast cancer diagnosis, Winna made the difficult decision to have mastectomies even though it was suggested to have a lumpectomy.

Having lost her own mother at a very young age to Leukemia, and being a mother to 3 young boys, she made this decision to assure they would get all the cancer.

Luckily, she had made this decision, as they found two other tumors in the tissue that had not been detected, meaning the cancer surely would have come back.

She then went on to have reconstruction surgeries, as several of her spacers had gotten infected, and the recovery process was a long drawn out one for her.

Before she even completed her Tamoxifen regimen, she went quickly to work to found the Love Your Neighbor (LYN) Fund, a charity that helps women suffering from women’s cancers (Breast, Ovarian or Uterine) with funds used to help give these women rides, support, and meal donation, as well as help with rent payments, car payments or any other bill that may seem impossible to pay.

Winna organizes fundraisers, and has a board, students, and numerous volunteers that work tirelessly to help in this goal.

What her nominator said about her

Winna is very passionate about helping others and just being there to listen if needed, to offer a hug, to share their burden, and to give every last piece of her mind, body, soul and money to help others, due to what she has been through and what she has seen others go through. If she isn’t one tough bitch to have been through what she has been through, she surely is one tough bitch to take on others burdens and share their load so she can help inspire them to heal and get better, and have a worry free nurturing home to live in during their fight and recovery.