Nominated by Nicole

Tracey has beaten ovarian cancer, and many other hard challenges in her life. After taking head-on something so difficult, it would be understandable that she would want to put that time in her life far behind her. But instead, she continues to fight today, supporting other fellow Teal Sisters.

Every September, which is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, Tracey ties teal ribbons around trees and light posts and passes out cards to help women understand the possible signs and symptoms. Because of the lack of awareness, many women do not get diagnosed until they’ve reached Stage 3 or 4.

She also participates in the Survivors Teaching Students program, where she and other survivors and patients speak to nursing students and medical personnel about their personal battles with the disease.

Tracey’s friend Nicole nominated her because, in her own words she “is the embodiment of One Tough Bitch. We may have had different obstacles in life, but she’s been one of the women I’ve been blessed to have in my life who have helped give me strength and determination when needed. Tracey = Hope.

Tracey = Hope.