Lauren S.

(Nominated by Misti)

At the age of 26, Lauren became a caregiver to her husband who was diagnosed with esophageal cancer one year after their marriage. For two years, she has been using her medical expertise to fight every battle that has faced them. Between the firing of their doctor, insurance battles, treatments, surgeries and much more, she moves forward. She not only takes care of her husband but she is a nurse in the emergency room at Arkansas Children Hospital where she works nights.

When she’s not working or caring for her husband, she’s involved with the 501c3 Personal Pep Rally and the store Pass on Joy that sends JOY mail to cancer patients and their caregivers.

During these two years, Lauren has taken care of her husband, worked night shifts in the ER, and finished her Nurse Practitioner Family degree with a 4.0 from UAMS in Little Rock. She has now started the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program. Lauren also started a fundraiser to raise money to encourage, motivate and educate cancer patients and their families. The 5K Mud Run “ENDURE THE DIRT” raised over 60,000, had 277 participants and 182 volunteers. With the help of other cancer patients, they have also written the book GAME ON, a cancer for dummies book that will be out in Jan. This book will be given to cancer patients when they are first diagnosed.

Lauren is not only an inspiration to her husband but to everyone who knows her, in real life and on social media. She embraces the job of being a caregiver- the silent sufferer – with joy and compassion.