Dawn P.

Nominated by Christine C.

Dawn was diagnosed with leukemia a few years ago, and then later needed a bone marrow transplant. She was very sick during this time – in and out of the hospital – but she never gave up. She always had a positive outlook on everything in life, even after losing her job during the time after her transplant.

While she was going through more than anyone should ever have to go through, she had the strength to keep going on. She is an inspiration to me because she found the courage to keep going.

Her ability to push through the dark times, even caring for others even during her time of need, is amazing.

Now 5 years later she is now doing better than ever, as if nothing ever happened to her. She continues to be an inspiration to everyone around her.

Finding out you have cancer = bad day
Finding out you have to have a bone marrow transplant = worst day
Making it through the first, second & third years = good days
Finding out who your bone marrow donor is = super special day
Emailing your bone marrow donor = great day
FaceTiming with your bone marrow donor = really great day
Meeting your donor = priceless