Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The perfect gifts for the important women in your life

For the mom who loves to show off photos of her kids

Custom Silhouette Portrait

Le Papier Studio, starts at $46

For the mom who’s had a tough year

She Knew She Could Necklace

OneToughB, $24.95

For the mom with a sense of humor

Go Ask Dad Socks

2TroubleBoys on Etsy, $11

For the mom who needs a break

“The Martini” Emotional Detox Bath Soak

Goop, $35

For the best grandma ever

Custom Handwriting Bracelet

IME Jewelry on Etsy, $35

For the mom who’s a superhero without a cape

OTB Jean Jacket

OneToughB, $95

For the mom friend who needs a pick-me-up

She Knew She Could Bracelet

OneToughB, $19.95

For the mom whose second home is the gym

Swell Bottle

Swell, $42

For the mom who doesn’t want anything

A Donation in Her Name

Herb it Forward Foundation, any $

For the mom who’s always got a smoothie in her hand

7-Day Gummy Bear “Cleanse”

Sugarfina, $25

For the super practical mom

Eufy Robot Vacuum

Eufy, $299

For the mom who feels like she’s just barely getting by

Mother’s Day Survival Kit

OneToughB, $35