Geri Lynn, Episode 57

With parents who were substance abusers, Geri Lynn found inspiration in their journey and her own healing, propelling her into a career as a mental health professional. Today, she provides services for underserved populations, and has written her first book Mainlining Philly: Survival, Hope, and Resisting Drug Addiction.

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LaTanya, Episode 56

LaTanya’s mother wasn’t able to take her many places when she was a child. That’s part of what motivated her to start her non-profit LaTanya & TheYouth of Englewood, a safe haven for many children in her community. She provides after-school and summer camp services to low-income youth, working tireless daily to give them what she did not have as a child. Her story will inspire you.

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Tamika, Episode 55

When she finally got health insurance coverage at her new job, Tamika had no idea how it would spiral into a cancer diagnosis. But thanks to a doctor who encouraged her to see her OB-GYN and get a Pap-smear, Tamika was able to quickly get treatment for this often deadly disease. On this episode, she shares her journey from TV producer to a sought-after speaker, advocate, and mentor. And why she founded her non-profit, Cervivor.

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Raven, Episode 54

Even though Raven Magwood is in her early 20s, she has accomplished so many amazing things in her life. From gymnastics champion to book author to non-profit founder, Raven is determined to inspire others to reach their full potential. On this episode, Raven shares how her hard work has helped her attain success, with a message that inspires others.

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Dee, Episode 53

After her breast cancer diagnosis, Dee Burrell’s career focus took a huge shift. From motivational speaking and life coaching, to book author and breast cancer advocate, she spends her time spreading a positive message we can all benefit from. Follow her amazing journey, and learn more about what she’s doing now in today’s episode.

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Scharmaine, Episode 52

Scharmaine went from living in the projects with her grandmother, to earning a doctorate in nursing. Her hard work, dedication, and ingenuity helped Hurricane Katrina victims during their time of need. On this episode, Scharmaine shares how she rallied in her darkest times to keep going, and how she's using her platform to help inspire young girls to become advanced nurse practitioners through her Nola the Nurse children's book series.

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Barbara, Episode 51

When the pandemic hit, Barbara had to close her restaurant, Barbara's on the Bay, a small restaurant in a little town on the Chesapeake Bay. As she waits for the re-opening, she and a few other local chefs have been cooking donated food and delivering it to seniors in her community.

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Mother’s Day, Episode 50

For our 50th episode, we're celebrating Mother's Day! We're joined by previous guests Crissy, Terra, Jessica, Mika, and Jen as they share the challenges they've faced and the silver linings they've found while parenting through a pandemic

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Kelly, Episode 49

When the pandemic hit, Kelly transitioned her Movement Source Pilates business online to continue to support her community. But she wanted to do more, which is how she started two special classes that are free to health care and frontline workers.  

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Alison, Episode 48

When the pandemic hit, Alison's portrait photography business game to a halt. But when she discovered the #FrontStepsProject, she decided to join the movement and take photos of families in her neighborhood safely on their front steps, with donations accepted to her charity of choice, Covenant House.

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