Bethany, Episode 75

Bethany experienced two huge losses at once when she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer during her first pregnancy: a complete hysterectomy and the death of her unborn daughter, Hallie. Here's how she channeled her inner power to help her grieve, and created something positive in Hallie's memory, The Hallie Strong Foundation. 

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Sonia, Episode 74

When 3-time cancer survivor Sonia Su received an anonymous care package during her chemo treatment, it completely changed her life. Learn what was in that inspiring package and how she's paying it forward with her non-profit, Kits to Heart.

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Dianne, Episode 73

When Dianne couldn't find a natural wig during her chemo treatment, she decided to take matters into her own hands and start a company to help other women like her. That's how Coils to Locs was founded. Listen to her inspiring story, and how her cancer journey turned her into an entrepreneur. 

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Christine, Episode 72

Christine had a unique perspective when she was diagnosed with cancer: she had been working as an oncology nurse since she got her license. On this episode, Christine shares how becoming a cancer patient informs her nursing practice, and how she hopes her book, Both Sides of the Bedside, will help doctors and other health care professionals have more empathy in their treatment. 

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Elise, Episode 71

From Stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis to remission for 8 years, Elise shares her amazing journey in honor of Pancreatic Cancer Month. Listen to how she learned of her diagnosis and why she believes it's so important for women to advocate for themselves and their health. 

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Kikkan, Episode 69

Just two months after winning Olympic gold in cross country skiing, Kikkan Randall was diagnosed with breast cancer. How did she use what she learned from training for five Olympic games to help her on her cancer journey? Listen to her inspiring story and see how being a part of a team was the catalyst for healing. 

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Ann Marie, Episode 68

When AnnMarie was diagnosed with breast cancer, she started a blog so that her family could stay attuned to her treatment and healing journey. But when people from all over the world started reading it, she realized she could do more with her platform. That's how Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer was born. Listen to AnnMarie's inspiring story, and learn how a pretty pair of pink stilettos helped her get through her treatment. 

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Sonya, Episode 67

When Sonya starting losing her hair during cancer treatment, she found herself experiencing pain when wearing wigs. So she decided to make her own head wraps that were comfortable and stylish, which is now her thriving business, StyleEsteem. On this episode, she shares her inspiring story of how her entrepreneurial spirit was nourished during her cancer healing process.

2020-10-08T12:55:17+00:00October 8th, 2020|Episodes|0 Comments


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