Kikkan, Episode 69

Just two months after winning Olympic gold in cross country skiing, Kikkan Randall was diagnosed with breast cancer. How did she use what she learned from training for five Olympic games to help her on her cancer journey? Listen to her inspiring story and see how being a part of a team was the catalyst for healing. 

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Ann Marie, Episode 68

When AnnMarie was diagnosed with breast cancer, she started a blog so that her family could stay attuned to her treatment and healing journey. But when people from all over the world started reading it, she realized she could do more with her platform. That's how Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer was born. Listen to AnnMarie's inspiring story, and learn how a pretty pair of pink stilettos helped her get through her treatment. 

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Sonya, Episode 67

When Sonya starting losing her hair during cancer treatment, she found herself experiencing pain when wearing wigs. So she decided to make her own head wraps that were comfortable and stylish, which is now her thriving business, StyleEsteem. On this episode, she shares her inspiring story of how her entrepreneurial spirit was nourished during her cancer healing process.

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Jenna, Episode 66

Jenna was diagnosed with an extremely rare cancer at a very young age, which led her to start a blog so she could share her experiences with her friends and family. As it grew in popularity, Jenna felt drawn to do more, which is how her foundation Twist Out Cancer was born.

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Shaney Jo, Episode 65

Remember the I Love Boobies saying that became popular a few years ago? That all started thanks to Shaney Jo, founder of Keep a Breast Foundation, which is dedicated to helping spread breast cancer awareness among young women. Listen to her inspiring story! 

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Bianca, Episode 64

When Bianca Muñiz was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer at the age of 11, her life was turned upside down. Then, at 22, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Music has always played an important part of Bianca's life, but now, as a performer, her music has gone beyond supporting her own healing process and touches others too. You can listen to some of Bianca's music on this episode of Real Women Real [...]

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Pamela, Episode 63

When Pamela's sister Louisa was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, they both became instant advocates, which led them to found T. E. A. L. What started as one walk has become a non-profit serving women with ovarian cancer and their families, while helping to spread the word about the signs and symptoms and advocating for an effective screening.

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Shannon, Episode 62

When Shannon couldn't find an ovarian cancer community to connect with after her diagnosis at a young age, she decided to start her own. That's how Teal Diva was born. All month, we'll be sharing the stories of amazing ovarian cancer survivors (and their allies). Shannon's story is the first in this inspiring series. 

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Dana, Episode 61

Diagnosed with breast cancer at just 27, Dana's life in the fast lane of the fashion world came to a screeching halt. But her experience inspired her to use her talent and passion to help other survivors, which is how her lingerie company AnaOno was born. She has dedicated her life to inspiring other women, and reminding them to "feel the beauty, feel like you."

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Sylvia, Episode 60

When Sylvia's idol, and then, Aunt died of breast cancer, she decided to dedicate her life as an ally to the underserved Black breast cancer community, from writing a book to showcasing amazing images of breast cancer survivors at museums, even starting her own publishing company. See how being touched by cancer as a family member can inspire someone to support the community. 

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