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Carol Jean, Episode 35

A life of tragedy did not stop Carol Jean Wilson. She has turned her grief into power, and is spreading the word on how others can Prove Them Wrong, the title of her new book. She shares her incredible story of survival on this week's episode. 

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Raven, Episode 34

Even though Raven Magwood is in her early 20s, she has accomplished so many amazing things in her life. From gymnastics champion to book author to non-profit founder, Raven is determined to inspire others to reach their full potential. On this episode, Raven shares how her hard work has helped her attain success, with a message that inspires others.  

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Dana, Episode 33

A simple shopping trip to get new bras changed Dana's life forever. When she learned that women experiencing homelessness desperately needed bras and sanitary products, she made a call to her Facebook friends which has turned into the global NGO I Support The Girls. On this episode, Dana talks about how it all began, and how you can get involved in helping this important cause.

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Liz, Episode 32

When Liz's father passed away, she dealt with her grief through running. Since then, Liz has been inspired to run 30 marathons in 30 countries before she turns 30, and in doing so, raise $100,000 for charities around the world. On this episode, she shares her inspiring story, and how she's hoping her Run to Reach project impacts women all around the world. 

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Lydia, Episode 31

Lydia was living a fast-paced life as an attorney in Chicago when she got the news: Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. What she discovered through her treatment and recovery surprised her. On this episode, she talks about surviving survivorship, what it means to truly thrive in your life, and the message in her new book, Wait, It Gets Worse.

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Tamika, Episode 30

When she finally got health insurance coverage at her new job, Tamika had no idea how it would spiral into a cancer diagnosis. But thanks to a doctor who encouraged her to see her OB-GYN and get a Pap-smear, Tamika was able to quickly get treatment for this often deadly disease. On this episode, she shares her journey from TV producer to a sought-after speaker, advocate, and mentor. And why she founded her non-profit, Cervivor.

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Evelyn and Cathy, Episode 29

Evelyn and Cathy were busy leaders in their fields of finance and journalism, respectively. So how did they end up founding Ratatouille and Company, a catering company that trains and employs female immigrants and refugees? On this episode, you'll hear their inspiring story, and learn how they are empowering this community of women, and helping them thrive. 

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Jessa, Episode 28

As a survivor and thriver of human trafficking, Jessa now spends her time helping prevent this from happening to others. Through her education as a mental health counselor, and her non-profit BridgeHope, Jessa works tirelessly to battle this crime that is rampant in the United States. On this episode, she shares her incredible story, as well as what we all need to know (and how we can help). 

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Shannon, Episode 27

Shannon Miller is best known for her amazing performances in both the 1992 and 1996 Olympics, but what you might not know about her is that she's an ovarian cancer survivor. On this episode, she shares her story  - what happened after the Olympics, and how her cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery changed her. 

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Kelly, Episode 26

Kelly turned the tragedy of losing her son, an active-duty soldier, into a wide-reaching good. On this episode, Kelly shares what inspired her to found My Warrior’s Place, a non-profit that serves Veterans, Military Service Members, First Responders and Gold Star Families.

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