Welcome to One Tough B


What started as a way to rally our founder Shelly after a second cancer diagnosis, is now inspiration for tough women fighting cancer everywhere. The One Tough B clothing and accessories are a reminder that you’re strong, and that you have a community of women around you to help lift you up when life knocks you down.

Each month, we’ll be supporting the awareness of a different cancer, with net proceeds donated to a related charity. While the ribbon color and charity will change, our mantra of supporting and inspiring tough women will remain the same.

 You’re as tough as you need to be.

From Shelly

I was always the daughter/friend/mother/wife/sister who tried to do and say the right things in life. That’s why if you knew me personally, you would see how hysterically funny it is that my legacy might be being known as a “Tough Bitch.” People laugh because I can barely say the brand out loud. However I learned the hard way when life knocks you down, a powerful internal mantra can help lift you back up.

This all started when I was facing a second round of cancer in 2017, I felt down and scared. One day I tried to give myself an internal pep talk: “You did this before, you can do it again. You are one tough b, pull it together.” It gave me a lift, so I made a necklace engraved with the words One Tough B. I wore it so no one could see the words. Yet it reminded me to stay positive and gave me something to reach for when I was scared.

Three years later, as I approach the end of my treatments, still wearing the original necklace, I know how much it helped my journey. I hope our community of women, who might not say the brand out loud – but still feel the reminder: “You can be as tough as you need to be”.