If you’re shopping for a strong woman in your life, we put together 5 cool holiday gift ideas. We hope you love them as much we think the special women in your life will. Bonus: They all support small businesses!

The candles from IgniteHope are made to help spark empowerment in people touched by cancer. Also, donut scent?! Amazing.

Our new signature OTB bracelet is meant to be worn as a reminder of your inner power. We’ve had customers wear them in solidarity with a friend going through chemo, then cut them off when the treatment is over.

As OTBs ourselves, we couldn’t help but pick this mug from Andy Seus Designs, with a strong message we can get behind.

These socks from If the Sock Fitz are a cool way to send a little pick-me-up to a friend in the middle of their cancer journey. And we’ve heard from several of our Real Women Real Stories podcast guests that cozy socks are a must during chemo.

Help her get organized and inspired with our new OTB 2021 Monthly Planner. For under $10, it’s a gift that will keep on giving all year long – with a place for empowering reminders and support.