With Mother’s Day around the corner, we put together 5 creative ways you can celebrate the mom in your life while in quarantine. With just a little bit of preparation, you can make Mother’s Day extra special.

1. Brunch over Zoom or Facetime 

Set a time on Sunday, and enjoy your brunch over a Zoom or FaceTime call. You can send a few recipes to your family members ahead of time so you could all be eating the same thing, as if you were all at the same table.

2. Game Night on House Party

Download the House Party app and play one of their fun games together. From Quick Draw (which is like Pictionary) to Heads Up, a game that Ellen made popular, you’ll enjoy a whole lot of laughs together.

3. Watch a Movie Together 

Let mom pick her favorite movie, and watch it together using Netflix Party. Popcorn required!

4. Stage a Drive By Celebration

Make a few signs and schedule a parade of cars to drive by mom’s house. Encourage lots of horn blowing and music blasting! Just make sure it’s not too early in the morning.

5. Gift Opening Party 

Send the mom in your life special gift, like an OTB necklace, for example, then schedule an opening party over Zoom or FaceTime so everyone can “ooh” and “ah.”