We love finding Instagram accounts that infuse a little inspiration and support in our feeds. Here, 10 Instagram accounts that we follow ourselves that we think you’ll love too.

1. @EmilyonLife 

This is artist Emily McDowell’s personal feed, and while she doesn’t share posts every day, when she does share them, they’re pretty much mindblowing.

2. @HeyAmberRae 
Artist Amber Rae shares beautifully designed images with thought starters from goal setting to personal transformation. They’re a wonderful way to start each day.

3. @KateNorthrup 

Get ready! Kate Northrup has no problem telling it like it is. Her Instagram feed is full of personal photos and inspiration.

4. @SheKnewSheCouldBrand 

For parents looking to raise and inspire the next generation of strong women, you’ll want to follow She Knew She Could (which also happens to be our sister site). You’ll get encouragement and support wherever you are in your parenting journey.

5. @SoSheSlays 

You’ll find no-holds-barred advice on this lifestyle blog and Instagram feed for strong and motivated women. Be prepared to feel fired up!

6. @LisaCongdon 

Artist Lisa Congdon combines her amazing artwork with inspirational quotes for beautiful images that you’ll want to frame on your wall.

7. @SelfCareisforEveryone 

This feed curates helpful, encouraging content for people looking to learn more about self care and mental health. In their own words, their space “honors the importance of choosing self care over self harm.”

8. @SheConquers 

We’re all about empowerment, so it’s no surprise we’re big fans of SheConquers. You’ll find no shortage of inspiration that will encourage you to stand up for yourself and what you believe in.

9. @GirlBoss 

With over a million followers, GirlBoss is a professional network for ambitious women. Their sometimes thoughtful, sometimes funny posts offer solid advice.

10. @OneToughB 

We couldn’t leave out our own Instagram feed, where you’ll find daily quotes, plus support and inspiration with everything from goal setting to self care, all with a little bit of a twist. Hey, we are One Tough Bitch after all.