When Shelly Fisher was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, she fought it like a warrior. Quietly with strength. She let her closest friends know after she had surgery by writing them all an email.

Eight years later, when Shelly was told she had a different cancer, she again kept it to herself.

Why? Because she needed time to process the information alone. Working things out in her own mind even though she knew she had a great support system.

One day when she felt down, an empowering mantra went through her head. So she went to a jeweler and had them make her a necklace with three words on it. One Tough Bitch.

On this episode of the One Tough Bitch podcast, we talk to our founder Shelly Fisher, who has taken her own experience as a two-time cancer survivor and turned it into a lifestyle brand and online community movement to help other women access their own inner OTB.

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